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Forklift is a vehicle used to serve the task of moving and lifting goods in warehouses, factories and supermarkets. There are many types of forklifts, and the call types in English are also quite diverse. Let's learn about the names of forklift trucks in English
Hãy cùng Khám phá tên của các loại xe nâng trong tiếng Anh
What is a forklift? Forklift is a device capable of moving and lifting. In the front of the vehicle, there is a part called a fork. The task of this department is to support and lift goods.

In the English dictionary forklift is called Forklift, Forklift truck, Lift truck or Tow-motor. These words are all correct and not wrong. However, if you try to check on Google, the three words above will result in a type of driver's seat.

This makes beginners learning about forklifts feel confused and easily confused. Therefore, in this article, Vina-Forklift will talk in detail about the English names of each type of forklift to help you understand clearly and accurately.

What is English forklift?

Even in Vietnam, hand trucks also have many different names. Such as low hand forklifts, pallet forklifts, manual forklifts, hand stackers, etc. Fortunately, in English, manual forklifts have only the two most common names: Hand Pallet Truck and Pallet Jack. .

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For companies in China and Taiwan, they often call the hand pallet truck is Hand Pallet Truck. In Europe or America, they are called Pallet Jack. There are a few places that are Hand Pallet Jack, but it's rare to see this word appear.

Forklift is a type of vehicle that can take goods to a height of 1m6, 2m, even 3m. The car works mainly by hand lift so it is also known as high lift forklift.

The English name for this vehicle is Hand Stacker. Some people call a forklift the Pallet Stacker. This is also true, but not standard. Hand Stacker is the most accurate name when talking about advanced vehicles in the English dictionary.

What is English electric forklift?

Forklift has many different types, so its name is quite diverse. Let's list a few popular names with Vina-Forklift.

Electric Pallet Jack, Electric Pallet Truck, Electric Walkie Pallet Jack: This is the name used to refer to the type of electric hand pallet truck. If you do not know what an electric forklift truck is, this is a forklift with a height, size and width similar to the forklift type. The difference is that it moves and lifts with electricity, not with hands.
Electric Stacker: is an electric forklift, lifting goods to 1m, 2m, 3m and possibly 4m or 5m. Vehicles that incorporate the added stretching and stretching capability are called Electric Reach Stacker or 

Semi Electric Stacker: is the name of the semi-automatic electric forklift truck in English. This type of vehicle moves by human power, while the lifting uses the electric motor. Semi-automatic forklifts are the perfect alternative for businesses that can't afford the electric forklift.

Counterbalance Electric Stacker: is known as counterbalance electric forklift. Many people mistake this for the name of a forklift driver. And Reach Truck is an electric standing forklift. Such understanding is completely wrong.

Counterbalance forklift is a vehicle designed to work with a counterweight. The vehicle weight is at the rear of the vehicle and the load object is at the front of the vehicle. As for Reach Truck, as mentioned above, it is a highly scalable vehicle. It has nothing to do with driving or standing, many online articles share.

English forklift driver seat is what?

Sit-lift forklifts are the line of forklifts the operator operates, such as when driving a car. This vehicle has the ability to lift goods stronger than hand stackers, forklifts, electric forklifts many times.

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With this vehicle, Forklift is the most accurate name for it. You can also call it by other names like Forklift Truck, Lift Truck or Tow-motor.

Forklift is a general term for this vehicle. But if you classify by fuel used, there will be other ways of calling. Diesel-powered vehicles will be called Diesel Forklift. Running on electricity, the Electric Forklift. Also operated by Gas / LGP, Gas / LPG Forklift.

Forklift trucks are designed with outstanding lifting height from 10-20m. There are even types up to 30-40m high. Its main task is to take people to pick up or repair, assemble equipment on high places such as electric lights, banners ... Due to the high lifting height, the load of the forklift is quite low, only from 1000kg or more. down..

Similar to other forklifts, human forklifts also have a classification. Therefore, it has many different names. There are some typical calling methods such as Manlift, Scissor Lift Table, Aerial Lift Platform or Boom Lift.
English forklift driver seat is what

English names of other forklifts

- Table lift truck: Table Truck or Lift Table

- Container pickers: Reach stackers

- Forklifts take goods: Order picker

- Forklift engine internal combustion: Internal combusti
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