Công ty cho thuê xe nâng Hải Phòng giá rẻ nhất 2020

Công ty chúng tôi với đội ngũ kỹ thuật lành nghề sẵn sàng đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu về dịch vụ cho thuê xe nâng và nâng hạ ở Hải Phòng.

Hiện tại đối tượng khác hàng của chúng tôi bao gồm: Nhà xưởng, công trường, bến cảng, kho bãi, hàng Container, …. Bất kỳ hàng hóa cần nâng hạ chúng tôi đều phục vụ được và tận tình.
Công ty cho thuê xe nâng Hải Phòng giá rẻ nhất 2020


Chuyên: Xe nâng, xe cẩu, dịch vụ nâng hạ tại Hải Phòng và các tỉnh TP phía Bắc
Địa chỉ: Đường Hùng Vương, Phường Sở Dầu, Quận Hồng Bàng, Hải Phòng
Hotline: 0868.719.222 (Zalo/Call)
Email: xenangdatcang@gmail.com
Website: https://xenangdatcang.com/
lien he tu van 0868719222

The trend of rapid development of economic sectors has made the demand for forklift trucks of people more and more high, especially Hai Phong is a developed city and urban area of ​​the whole country, so this demand is considered as an indispensable. .
Forklift company is a prestigious address, a leading brand in the field of lifting services in Hai Phong. We specialize in renting forklifts in all districts as well as industrial zones that customers require.

Our popular range of forklifts include:

Forklifts for goods, large equipment from 2.5 tons to 25 tons
Hoists of all kinds in Hai Phong work from 6 meters to 48
Hand pallet truck, electric forklift
Forklift rental Hai Phong: Rental forklift in the industrial zone of Hai Phong

Forklift rental service in Hai Phong

1. Rental forklifts by hand in Hai Phong
2. Hai Phong electric forklifts for rent
3. Renting forklifts using Hai Phong engine
4. Rental of forklifts in Hai Phong
Boomlift type lifts in Hai Phong:
Scissor lift trucks in Hai Phong:
Places for renting forklifts in industrial parks in Hai Phong
Forklift sale in Hai Phong
Some construction videos for forklift trucks in Hai Phong
Other services related to forklifts
Commitment to forklift rental service in Hai Phong - 5 commitments
Professional service:
Competitive price:
Contact forklift service in Hai Phong
Forklift rental Hai Phong: Rental forklift in the industrial zone of Hai Phong
motorbike rental in Hai Phong
motorbike rental in Hai Phong
In factories, factories or industrial parks in Hai Phong, forklifts play a very important role in transporting goods, gathering, moving goods. It brings high labor productivity and almost frees up human labor in production environment but your factory company.

Some reasons to rent forklifts in Hai Phong

However, because of some issues that your business does not want yet to be able to buy forklifts for your work:

- Do not want to invest high initial funds to buy new forklifts.

- The budget for maintenance, maintenance and repair is too high.

- Use cars in a short time, season, project.

- Lack of personnel to manage and operate vehicles.

- Need a large number of forklifts but not enough.

- Not knowledgeable about forklifts.

Forklift rental service in Hai Phong

You need a provider of reputable forklift service professional but competitive prices, call us immediately to own a satisfactory forklift with the lowest cost. Forklift Trading Joint Stock Company specializes in forklift hire in Hai Phong, forklifts have many features and different structures depending on the needs of customers.

Here are some types of forklifts the company currently leases:

1. Rental forklifts by hand in Hai Phong
Manual forklifts are manual forklifts for moving goods, including low-lift forklift and high-lift forklift, which can both lift and lift goods. The lifting capacity and the lifting height for a hand-lift truck range from 500 kg-3000 kg, both for moving and lifting, or 2500 kg to 5000 kg for low lift.

2. Hai Phong electric forklifts for rent
Electric forklifts are forklifts that use electric accumulators or power plugs to replace people for moving and lifting goods. It uses two motors, the travel motor for moving, and the lifting motor for lifting.

+ If you only use 1 motor for lifting or just for moving, people call it a semi-automatic forklift, because only half of the battery capacity.

+ If using both motors for both moving and lifting, it is called an automatic forklift or automatic electric forklift.

The lifting capacity and the lifting height for electric forklifts are slightly higher than those of hand trucks, which can lift up to 2500 kg

with a height of 6m. Electric forklifts have a number of outstanding advantages can be found here. In food processing plants, seafood processing, cold storage, closed storage .... Electric cars will be a wise choice.

3. Renting forklifts using Hai Phong engine
Forklift using internal combustion engine means using internal combustion engine to carry out the moving and lifting. Normally when using this type of vehicle, one must use the loading and unloading and moving the goods in large volumes, with high frequency that other vehicles cannot meet. The vehicle's structure consists mainly of gasoline, diesel or gas-powered engines, chassis and tires such as the car structure, in addition to a hydraulic system to lift goods.
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