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productivity of businesses.

In factories, factories or large industrial parks, forklifts play a very important role in transporting goods, gathering, moving goods. Forklifts bring high labor productivity and help liberate human labor in industrial production environments.

In today's article, Dat Cang forklift introduces to customers forklift service in Phu Thai Industrial Zone, Hai Duong so customers can refer and better understand the services of our company as well as offer. Reasonable choice for your work.

Forklift service at Phu Thai Hai Duong Industrial Park

Phu Thai Industrial Park is located right on Highway 5, which is the transport artery of the Northern Red River Delta provinces connecting Hanoi - Hung Yen - Hai Duong - Hai Phong. 30km from Hai Phong seaport, 13km from Hai Duong city center ... very convenient for goods import - export.

Phu Thai Industrial Park is invested to build and synchronize completely: high voltage network is provided along the internal roads in the industrial park. Waste water drainage system is built separately, collected to the waste water treatment plant of the IZ; roads are concreted..In addition, the Industrial Park also has services such as credit services, housing, post office ..; has good commercial advantage due to its proximity to markets and residential areas of Kim Thanh district. Therefore, the IZ is very attractive to investors, and most of the investors in IZs are foreign-invested enterprises from the UK, USA, Japan, Hong Kong ...

Forklifts greatly support the movement of large quantities of goods in industrial areas

With such a large enterprise, the workload and the volume of goods are strengthened and developed. This requires strong support from high technologies such as forklift truck service to improve the productivity of businesses.

Dat Cang forklift service not only serves in Hai Phong but also asserts itself to reach out to neighboring provinces and cities. Get the favor and trust of customers that is thanks to an experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated team of employees, constantly updating new cars to serve customers.

Dat Cang is proud to be one of the leading cargo handling units in Hai Phong with modern forklifts and cranes ... The company is increasingly developing and promoting Hai Phong forklift service with quality. High technology, quality service and professional working process. Currently, our services have been used by customers in many localities, one of which is large industrial zones such as Phu Thai and Hai Duong industrial zones.

With an experienced management team, professionally trained, enthusiastic customer care. For forklift rental services, we always have reasonable advice for customers to rent appropriate forklifts and maximize the features of the car with the lowest rental costs to suit each request. demand of goods such as logistics, cold storage, container filling, paper clips, lifting goods in warehouses, single shelves, double deep racks, drive in racks, selective ... Our services are always satisfied to all customers. Individual goods, businesses in Hai Phong city area and neighboring provinces.

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